Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So that's it for the one year of stories. Thanks to everyone who read them -- or at least some of them (not even I've read all of them) -- left their very kind comments, or in some other way contributed to my overall wellbeing. What started as a fairly vague idea ended up as a wonderful way of getting my writing routine back, so much so now that my day doesn't feel complete without sitting down to write. What's more, I have 142 894 words of material to work with -- that's 391.5 words per story, for those playing at home. Not quite Graham Greene's 500 words a day before lunch, but it'll do.

A huge thanks goes my celebrity writers who stepped in at very late notice to take the edge of February 09 for me. Special mention also to The Lifted Brow, who not only publish me in their wonderful journal, but let me take over their website in September 08, writing stories suggested by other Lifted Brow writers who were far more talented and famous than me.

So I don't want this blog to end, so it's going to continue as a slightly different beast. There'll be fiction up here now and then, but I'll also be writing about books and the book industry (as that is where I work during daylight hours). I hesitate to add "things that generally interest me" to things I'll write about, because that sounds just like what a ... blogger would do. But it will happen, eventually.

And before I go, this is what all my words look like as a snazzy visual representation (the most used words are largest). It seems my love of the simile has not ceased over a year...

Take it easy, and stay tuned for Furious Horses 09!


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