Monday, December 20, 2010


Well, it's been a while since the Furious Horse has raised its head, but I thought it was time, seeing as I've got a book coming out soon, and this blog seems to be mentioned quite prominently in the promotion. Maybe there should be a sign saying "OKAY, SO THERE'S NOT MUCH HERE NOW EXCEPT A DUDE RAGGING ON BOOK COVERS, BUT ONCE UPON A TIME HE POSTED A SHORT STORY, LIKE, EVERY DAY. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? CRAZY, RIGHT" but that sign seems a bit aggressive and we all know what happens when you use too much capitalisation.

Anyway, here is the cover to my book, which I really like (which is a surprise, as I have pretty strong views about book jackets), and which was designed by the incomparable W. H. Chong.

Stay tuned as I get back in the upside-down saddle for some more book-themed blog posts soon!

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