Sunday, August 24, 2008



My name is Jack Johnson. I am very succesfull american singer-songwriter with much appeal. I came across your contact through american songwriters alliance and know you are such a person for this opportunity. I am retiring soon, and would forsee much beneficial for you in the once per lifetime opportunity, in so much and so far as some one must step in my shoes as america's next popular lazy-fingered surfing acoustic poet.

I know that you, dear friend, have the heart for this not to be missed chance to fame and fortune. Can I tell you dear friend that what i offer you is %100 genuine. You will soon enjoy many free wetsuits, skateboards and guitar strings, as well as many hit records with three chords only needed! You have many friends easy such as actor Ben Stiler, musician Bob Harper and surf-pro champion Keli Slater.

All i require from you dearest friend is bank account details from you for me to transfer my gold records and album earnings directly to you!! I hope I hear from you very soon. Send all bank details (including PIN) to my personal email:

Flip you on the underside dud!


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