Saturday, October 4, 2008


Allen Key
Detective Rick Allen is a brash, no-nonsense cop with a heart that might just be burnished gold. When his long-time partner, Harry Ingolf, suffers a mental breakdown two days before retirement, Allen must quit the force to look after Harry, who once saved his life. Allen becomes the "key" not only to Harry's survival, but to unlocking a police conspiracy that might just go all way to the top.

Jude the Obscure
Jude McGraw is a brash, no-nonsense rodeo-rider at the top of his game. After ten years of supremacy, a new season sees Jude suddenly cast aside in the wake of brash newcomer Harry Gifford, whose "West Coast" riding style takes the sport by storm. Henceforth, when a tragic accident befalls Harry, it is Jude who is blamed. Jude must fight to clear his name, and win back the love of his bull.

Dressler's Syndrome
Jack Dressler is a rookie street cop, assigned, on his first day, to patrol the brash, uncomprimising neighbourhood of Lower East Heights, where he accidentally gains paranormal powers after a run-in with a no-nonsense tarot reader. Dressler is forced to reassess his life, weighing up the relative security of a career in the police force with the sexy, dirty world of using paranormal powers to either solve crimes or break into banks.

Monkey Wrench
Donny Wrench is a brash, uncomprimising journalist whose only purpose in life is to get the story. As the chief features editor of a daily metro, he has a habit of putting noses out of joint. After yet another embarrassing Wrench expose, City Hall decides to take action, passing a law that legally binds Wrench to a "working partner" for the duration of his career. Wrench's "partner" is Gobo, a wise-crackin', crack-addicted marmoset.

Achilles' Tendon
Achilles Rameriz is a brash, sexy neurosurgeon, whose unconventional hairstyle proves confronting to not just his employers, but often his patients. Achilles' emotional journey to societal acceptance is a rocky path, but ultimately a life-changing journey for not just his employers, but also his patients.

Broca's Area
John Broca is a high-flying corporate lawyer who never loses a case. Only one problem—he's a dog! With crippling emotional issues!

Bowie Knife
In the take-no-prisoners world of professional accounting, there's no room for mavericks. Someone forgot to tell Jim Bowie. Despite regularly stepping outside the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Bowie always gets results. He also owns some knives.

McBurney's Point
Jack McBurney, is a brash, no-nonsense judge, whose uncomprimising, take-no-prisoners attitude, is at odds to everyone he meets. In the filthy, provocative, slutty world of maritime law, McBurney has no peer. One day away from retirement, McBurney receives a lovely bottle of Ch√Ęteau Margaux from a respected Senator he once aquitted of sexual misconduct while aboard international waters. McBurney calls the Senator and thanks him. They talk for a while, and then McBurney takes an early lunch.


Alextricity said...

Very juicy intros. What would you call this style where the story is brought in through character introduction?

Christopher Currie said...

I would call it very easy to write. Stay tuned for more...