Monday, October 6, 2008


Wolverine or Washing Machine?
What a simple premise. What a potentially exciting result! Two teams play off against each other in this potentially thrilling, potentially tedious game of chance. Join us, as each afternoon we ask the question: ""Wolverine or Washing Machine?"

Uncle Jimmy's Tickle Junction
A fast-paced, super fun game show for kids! Beloved children's television host Uncle Jimmy returns after an enforced holiday in The Philippines to guide each week's contestants through seven exciting, awkwardly cramped levels of fun, where contestants must find 20 hidden "fun tubes" in order to proceed to The Tickle Junction and play on for extra points! Shown every Tuesday afternoon, contingent on certain super-cool court orders.

Are You Smarter Than James Spader?
Think you know more than a Hollywood star best known for his roles in Tuff Turf and Alien Hunter? Well, now's your chance to find out! Three hotly contested rounds will be more than enough to see if you measure up against the star narrator of The Discovery Channel's China Revealed.

Wheel of Random Chance Followed By Literacy and Problem Solving Related Questions
Join in the fun of everyone's favourite none-too-taxing game show. Watch a wheel with random dollar values, prizes, and disincentives spin around from the propulsion made by the arms and shoulder sockets of one of three different players! If they choose to, each player may attempt to solve a partially obscured phrase or idiom, which is slowly revealed as they guess which hidden letters are likely to appear! Watch out also for Celebrity Wheel of Random Chance Followed By Literacy and Problem Solving Related Questions!

The gently surreal smash of the summer! No prizes, no contestants, no set, just one near-incoherent hobo and a static camera!

Repulsion Island
Take six hideously ugly couples, add one sexy, sun-drenched archipelago, and what do you get? A sizzling hot, grotesquely repugnant reality experience! Will the disgusting couples stay together, or will the sensual surrounds tempt them to stray elsewhere? The most tantilisingly naughty, hideously sickening hour of television you'll see all week!

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