Saturday, November 1, 2008


Actual searches that have led people to this blog:
1. gestalt horses
2. horses and bitches
3. ghost stories about horses
4. maverick horses
5. horses of god
6. where can i buy a throw over and cushion with horses on?
7. man fucking horses
8. hairstyles for horses
9. horses
10. furious horses

What they found:
1. German man experiences both anathema and welcome sense-memory from Fanta.
2. A deaf woman unravels her mouth-reading obsession with a TV extra.
3. Edgar Allen Poe plus pancakes.
4. A misplaced noir detective solves the mystery of The Baby Sock Killer.
5. The figure at the corner of every party.
6. Office bureaucracy goes mad, also mysterious grit is stuck under fingernail.
7. Driving high into the hills with Eurotrash to score acid tabs featuring Hillary Clinton's face.
8. Descriptions of how cavemen did their dos.
9. Delivery of a grandfather clock is the precipice of suppressed trauma.
10. A blog where a new story is posted every day.

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lucychili said...

via avid, to a violin maker.