Friday, April 17, 2009


One of the few gripes I have about living only 15 minutes walk from my place of work is that I miss the serious reading time a commute can allow you. While I have only time to listen to a few songs on my iPod between home and work, one of my colleagues, who lives in deepest darkest Northside Brisbane, has been known to get through a whole novel in one day, there and back.

Now commuters in London are being given the chance to read free books on their train journeys, as an antidote from the surfeit of trashy celebrity-filled free "news"papers on offer. The nonprofit scheme, called Choose What You Read, simply asks commuters to add their name to the front of the book and return it to a central depot when they're finished. Genius. Here is the BBC's take.

Another tasty tidbit is the news that Mark Romanek has begaun work on filming Kasuo Ishiguro's brilliant novel, Never Let Me Go. Hopefully they'll do justice to what is a very fine bit of writing. Read the very impressive cast list here.


Anonymous said...

What a TERRIBLE misfortune for you my heart goes out to you. The pathos of your first paragraph had my lower lip trembling. Life is cruel sometimes and to live only a few ipod songs from work is truly one of fates most heinous jokes.
You must move. Ipswich I think, or Surfers Paradise.

Christopher Currie said...

Thank you for empathising. There is a support group that meets the first Thursday of every month. Just a few doors down from where I live.

Anonymous said...

actually Chris, it was I,Phillipa (Joondoburri), who was moved by your plight...I just got confused when identifying myself

Tegan said...

I am a recent Ishiguro convert and am most excited by that news. That is all.