Monday, April 6, 2009


So often I'll pop over to the nice site that collates all the stats about how many (few) people visit my site. The numbers aren't so interesting, but the keyword searches certainly are. You may notice I put my favourites at the bottom of the blog. But here are a few recent ones that particularly tickled me.

a man suckin a horses wener (#1 Google Ranking for this search -- score!)

celebrity "thick turtleneck" (#11 Google Ranking -- let's get it in the top ten!)

unpacking your childs rucksack humour (#10 Google Ranking -- very proud to be so far up the list in this oft-searched term)


Chris said...


Tegan said...

How do you this exactly?

Christopher Currie said...
Although there are others. You just paste some code into your blog, sit back, and start the larfs.

I assume this was what you were asking about, not how to make a joke about your child's rucksack.

Tegan said...

Thanks for that. I can't wait for the results. How to make a joke about your child's rucksack would have just been a bonus. It might have given me at least one good reason to have a child. One day.