Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Yeah hi, it’s Patrick. Yeah. Good. Yeah … um, I – what’s that? Who’s that breathing? No, I heard them just then.
He’s there isn’t he, Jen? No, I know he is, I can hear him. What’s he doing? He’s not in bed is he? What do you mean? Of course it’s my business. We went out for four months, remember, or have you forgotten already? Forgotten what we had, forgotten – What? Oh, um ... I think I might have left some books over there, you know ... No I think there are some more, I’m sure of it. You know, that one with the blue cover ... Was it? Oh right, yeah, the red one. I don’t remember what it’s called actually, no. Oh yeah, that could be it. Mmm ... Anyway, I think there’s a couple of them there so I thought maybe I could come over and grab them ... Oh, I could pop over tonight if you like. No, there’s a bus leaving in eleven minutes and then I’ll get the train ... no, really, it’s easy ... Why not? I thought maybe I could pick up a video on the way over. Hey do you remember the time we watched Patch Adams? Hey that was funny, maybe I could get that and some chocolate and I know you like –
What? No, I just thought of it then. What do you mean planned? Hey I just wanted to get my books back and get out of your way jeez it’ll be like five minutes out of your life no need to get so defensive – Sorry, no I didn’t mean that, I ... No, I’m sorry. I’m sorry! I know. I know. I know. You still there? Hello? Who’s this? Rufus. Oh, right, you’re … yeah. No, it’s okay. No, really. No, really. Can you put her back on? Is she? Well, look, I just want to say sorry. I know, but I want to say it again. Yeah? Yeah? Well maybe I’d prefer it if you didn’t start screwing a girl who’s been broken up for all of five minutes. Yeah? Yeah? Well you’d have to find it first! You heard me, Rufus! Yeah, well that’s funny coming from you … Yeah, well I’d just love that, mate. It’d be my absolute – What? God sorry sorry sorry, I didn’t realise he’d given you the phone back. Yeah, well he shouldn’t have said it. Me? Look, I just want to see you again, okay? Are you going to Smithy’s party tomorrow? Yeah. I’m not doing that. I’m not. But can’t we – But can’t we just – Fine. If that’s the way you want to play it. Whatever ... I don’t care anymore. Yeah? Well the same bloody goes for you.
Fine. You too.

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