Sunday, May 18, 2008


When they arrived, the air was just so thin. They gasped, together, looking into each others' eyes, each knowing what the other was thinking. They had come too far for words. Hildebrand looked back down the way they had come. It wasn't even a way, really, it was just down. The natural state of everything. Gravity's eventual pull.

Tomas sipped at the straw that wound its way from deep in his backpack. His mouth crunched away a thick crust of ice. With one hand, he motioned away to their left.

Hildebrand's eyes opened with amazement. The scene before her was just like the one in the postcards. The Temple. The plants had grown over a lot more since the photo had been taken, but it was definitely, irrefutably, the same. Through her chapped, cracked lips, she smiled.

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